German police raid popular lockdown protester's property and arrest him during YouTube live stream
· Nov 20, 2020 ·

Dr. Andreas Noack is a German chemist better known recently for his anti-lockdown stance, and willingness to march with protesters in what has now become a global fight against certain "followers of science."

Here he is chillin' on his live stream, when the [German police] show up, knock down his door, and arrest him for his Covid crimes:

Yup. That's the new world we live in folks! We finally made it! Disagree with the powers that be, and you're out. Gone. See ya later.

Okay, so Dr. Noack has apparently been very outspoken on his YouTube channel concerning the unconstitutionality of Germany's Covid lockdowns; and many on the right have complained that the new restrictions are right out of [that one German chancellor's] playbook.

Maybe a tad extreme, but as the video above seems to suggest...we're getting there.

Now, I gotta say this: Dr. Noack is kind of strange. He has weird worldviews about human perception of reality and the 4th dimension—come on, you know the type of guy, your weird conservative hippie friend (they do exist!) who shares that kind of stuff on Facebook all the time. It's like if Alex Jones was obsessed with metaphysics instead of politics. Hey, that'd actually be kind of fun!

But that doesn't change what we're seeing here.

Fact is, the [German police] showed up and arrested him for COVID CRIMES.


We need to wake up people.

Last thing: was Trump literally America's only defense against this same kind of stuff happening here? 😬


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