Get ready: Biden is coming for your guns through a new executive order and ATF appointment. Here are the details.
· Apr 8, 2021 ·

Joe Biden is coming for your guns:

Late Wednesday, Biden signed an order we all knew was coming. Despite his reassurance that he wasn't coming for guns on the campaign trail, anyone with a functioning prefrontal cortex knew what was going to happen.

Biden is ordering the Justice Department to do three primary things through the order:

  1. Create a framework to stop the sale of "ghost guns," which really means guns that average citizens build themselves. See, the great thing about the Armalite Rifle (not "assault rifle") platform is that it's cheap, reliable, modular, and easy to build. There are quite a few Americans that have forges and machinery to create DIY weapons. And while that might seem scary to people who don't understand human nature or history, it's the type of thing the American founders would have heartily approved of.
  2. Force guns with stabilizing braces to meet the provisions of the National Firearms Act, which would mean paying Biden's upcoming $200 tax stamp for each of them (which would also effectively create a national registry of who has such guns). The idea of a "stabilizing brace" was an ingenious way of circumventing the ATF's attempt to make it impossible to use a gun under a certain length because such weapons are mobile and concealable [read: effective].
  3. Create a framework for "red flag" laws for states that will most certainly be ramped up in coming years to better keep tabs on everyone who buys guns.

Even better, Joe appointed a man who literally worked at a gun control activist group as the new director of the ATF.

David Chipman worked for Giffords, which specifically aims to ban guns in America. He's now locked his Twitter account and deleted over 1,000 of his past tweets for obvious reasons.

Chipman was also a lead ATF agent at the botched Waco siege in 1993 that killed a bunch of kids and women.

Imagine if Biden had appointed a coal executive to be his climate tsar. Same logic.

In his fantasyland, Joe Biden thinks a 19th-century shotgun with a few shells is enough for the average citizen to take down fully-loaded criminals and tyrants.

Let me make this abundantly clear: regardless of your opinion on guns, America's founders believed the right to defend life and property was an inherent right given by their Creator.

Americans do not have such a right because it comes from the Constitution, but from God.

This is why the founders kept the 2nd Amendment short and sweet: your right to carry weapons shall not be infringed. Full stop. Period.

Let me reiterate a few examples from just the last century (let alone the rules of kings before that which outlawed weapons among the people).

  • The Soviets promised that people could keep their guns, but slowly made it harder to buy and own them until all you could have was a weaksauce smoothbore rifle. They then starved and eradicated tens of millions of their own citizens.
  • In 1933, Germany made it hard for anyone except Nazi Party members to own guns. On November 10, 1938, Germany banned Jews from owning guns. We all know what followed.
  • When France took over Cambodia, it restricted the carry of firearms in 1920. By 1953, it was nearly impossible for a law-abiding citizen to even own a gun. In 1968, the communist Khmer Rouge began its insurgency, and what followed was the mass murder of 25% of Cambodia's population.
  • After Mao Tse-tung took control of China in 1949, he moved quickly to disarm the population. What followed was potentially the greatest mass genocide in history, with at least 45 million people dying (55 million was the total killed worldwide in all of WWII).

Those who think such a thing won't happen in America because we are "progressive" are perhaps the most naive people in all of human history.

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