Glenn Beck On Nazarene Fund To Rescue Christians Stranded In Afghanistan: "The State Department And The White House Have Blocked Us On Every Single Step Of The Way"
· Aug 27, 2021 ·

It's not enough for the Biden Administration to completely botch the evacuation of Afghanistan. It's not enough that they lie about leaving Americans stranded to be killed by the Taliban. It's not enough that President Biden continually embarrasses himself and the country.

No, they have to take it one step further and prevent American charities from rescuing Christians who are about to be murdered in Afghanistan if the Taliban find them.

Earlier this week we published a story about the Nazarene Fund of Glenn Beck's that has raised more than $22 Million in relief efforts to rescue Afghani Christians.

The follow-up to this story could not be more frustrating. You would think the biggest issue would be going into Afghanistan and physically boarding Christian refugees on airplanes while the Taliban is actively trying to find and kill them.

But that's not the biggest hurdle for the Nazarene Fund. Glenn Beck went on Tucker Carlson, live from the Middle East, and explained how the Biden White House and State Department have thwarted his organization's rescue attempts in the past couple of weeks.

According to Beck, the biggest problem the Nazarene Fund has is that Biden's State Department preventing them from executing their mission, leaving the Christians in Afghanistan to be crucified and burned alive.

But at least Biden's tweets aren't mean.

Beck explains the situation on the ground.

Everyone else has been working together. Putting aside differences and trying to get these people to safety. The State Department and the White House have blocked us every single step of the way.

In fact, an ambassador was called in Macedonia last night and told not to accept any of these people as we were trying to get them off the tarmac here to keep the airport flowing and getting these Christians out.

We haven't been able to move anybody for about 12 hours. Our mission is changing greatly. We have to send people into even greater danger to try to smuggle these Christians out who are marked, not just for death, but to be set on fire alive because they're converted Christians.

The State Department, under the leadership of Joe Biden and Sec. Anthony Blinken, is actively telling other countries not to accept refugees out of Afghanistan who are being rescued by Beck's organization.

Truly unbelievable.

Sen. Tom Cotton backed up Beck's claim.

Beck says that they are working nonstop to continue their mission.

The plan is to open up two more countries for evacuations. Given the actions of the State Department, Beck obviously won't say who those countries are because he's afraid the Biden administration will put a stop to it again.

Tucker makes the point that there are Middle Eastern Muslim Countries that are more willing to help Christians fleeing persecution than the United States is.

They (anonymous Muslim country accepting refugees) have more compassion for these Christians than our American government. And it is insulting, embarrassing, and wrong. What our government is doing now, I believe, is out-and-out evil.

Well said.

Continue to pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Afghanistan. You can give to the Nazarene Fund here.

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