GoFundMe canceled the Canadian trucker convoy because they said it became an "occupation" ... but here's GoFundMe in 2020 offering official support of a literal Marxist occupation of a U.S. city!
· Feb 5, 2022 · NottheBee.com

The crowdfunding website GoFundMe on Friday officially terminated the mammoth $10 million fundraiser for the Canadian truckers protesting against the vaccine mandate. They did so on the grounds that, according to them, "the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation."

Strange that they'd put it that way, given that a couple of years ago they offered official corporate endorsement of the literal, genuine Marxist occupation of a major U.S. city:


Yes, that's GoFundMe tweeting out support of the "Capitol Hill Occupied Protest." Yes, "occupied" is part of the name of the protest itself! It is literally right there in the name of the protest. Even left-wing Wikipedia acknowledges that it was an "occupation protest."

They ran the police out of town, remember that?

As you'll doubtlessly recall, not only was the CHOP an actual occupation of American soil, it was a violent and deadly one as well: At least one person was killed by a shooting there, and several others were injured by other shootings. Protesters, meanwhile, spread garbage and graffiti and general destruction within their occupied zone.


Now, you might ask yourself: "Why would GoFundMe offer a ringing endorsement of a violent Marxist occupation but yank the fundraiser of a peaceful protest against coercive government mandates?"

Ha ha! You didn't actually ask that. You know the answer.


Probably a good idea to stop using GoFundMe for any cause or effort you actually care about!


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