GoFundMe cancels fundraiser by father whose son reportedly died from an enlarged heart five days after getting the ๐Ÿ’‰
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Ernest Ramirez was banned from GoFundMe after using the platform to fundraise in the wake of his son's death after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Ivory Hecker (who you may remember from her Fox News whistleblowing) reported on the story, posting an interview with Ramirez on Twitter.

GoFundMe then banned Ramirez from the platform. According to The BL,

GoFundMe banned Ernest Ramirez for sharing "prohibited conduct" on the crowdfunding platform. His so-called unacceptable behavior was fundraising for his late son, Ernesto Jr., who died from the Pfizer vaccine on April 25.

Ernest Jr. died from an enlarged heart (myocarditis) five days after being vaccinated.

While it is not known with certainty that the condition was caused by the shot, the CDC itself acknowledges (just in case any "fact-checkers" are getting an itchy trigger finger with this article) that the vaccines are associated with an increased risk of myocarditis:

Since the introduction of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in the United States in December 2020, an elevated risk for myocarditis among mRNA COVID-19 vaccine recipients has been observed, particularly among males aged 12โ€“29 years.

Ernest Ramirez says that he believed the advertisements he read that the vaccine was safe for teenagers, like his son, and wants to lobby for more transparency regarding vaccine-related deaths.

A new fundraiser has been set up on Life Funder to raise awareness of Ernesto Jr's story.

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