Great news: Fauci strongly endorses COVID treatment that the media tried to criticize Ron DeSantis for supporting!
· Aug 25, 2021 ·

You love to see this kind of plot twist this late in the pandemic: Anthony Fauci actually agreeing with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on COVID-19 protocol!

Despite going head-to-head throughout the pandemic over coronavirus safety measures, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Dr. Anthony Fauci seem to agree when it comes to the use of monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19.

As DeSantis has ramped up the opening of monoclonal antibody sites in Florida this month, the governor was joined by the nation's top infectious disease expert in recommending the treatment on Tuesday.

It warms the heart to see these two public figures shaking hands over this issue, albeit only metaphorically (Fauci has suggested that he will never shake hands with anyone ever again because he's scared of germs).

I mean, it is a bit odd: DeSantis was a history major and a law student with no apparent formal medical training, while Fauci is one of the nation's top infectious disease experts who has known about the promise of monoclonal antibody treatments since at least March of this year.

Yet Big Ron DeSantis has been going full-tilt for monoclonal treatment all over Florida for the past month, while Fauci only just got around to vigorously endorsing it this week. DeSantis even had the Associated Press write a hit piece on him for his position.

Ah, well. Even Fauci gets it right if you give him enough time. Welcome to the party, doc!

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