Young men are donning formal suits to go see the "Minions" movie. Why? I don't know and neither do they.
· Jul 6, 2022 ·

If you needed another reason to find the Internet inscrutable, incomprehensible and just plain weird... well, here it is:

[T]he release of Minions: The Rise Of Gru has also seen teenagers wearing suits to the movie in a new viral stunt.

Variety looked at this trend—which is collected on TikTok and Twitter under the hashtag #Gentleminions—and interviewed one of the first people to take part in it. Bill Hirst lives in Sydney, Australia and, when The Rise Of Gru opened in the country two weeks ago, posted a TikTok showing he and group of pals heading to the theater in suits, shaking hands with one another, steepling fingers beneath chins while seated waiting for the movie to begin, and stoically filing out after applauding its credits.

Yes, yes, this is actually a thing:

So what is the point of this maddeningly inscrutable nonsensical trend??

In trying to explain why, exactly, the Gentleminions trend has caught on, Variety points out that young men are the primary demographic buying movie tickets right now and that their age group—"seven years old when the first Despicable Me hit theaters in 2010 [and] now around the age of 19"—are primed to go see the movie anyway. Obie and Hirst both agree, the former Gentleminion saying that his generation "now have nostalgia and enough money to see [a new Minions movie] on our own" and are "inclined to do so in our own way."

Ah okay kids. So when you say the reason behind this is you're "inclined to [see the movie] in [your] own way," what you're really saying is:

Well glad that clears it up!

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