High school rugby coach calls for ban on trans players after 3 of his girls leave with injuries during the same game after being hit by—you guessed it!—the opposing team's trans player.
· Apr 19, 2022 · NottheBee.com

This whole trans athlete revolution we find ourselves constantly surrounded by has gotten a little out of hand, wouldn't you say?

I mean, it's one thing to be a biological male and swim faster than the females.

It's a whole different ball game when we take this little farce and place it on the rugby field.

This story out of Guam:

Yes, it appears that when you put a "trans girl" out on a rugby field with a bunch of real girls it doesn't quite have the storybook ending some on the left might have had in mind. Sure, it does lead to those big hits and an overall more exciting match, but, eventually, it just becomes a danger to the actual girls on the field. And they're the ones we come out to support.

Three Tiyan High School female rugby athletes were injured Saturday by a transgender player from Guam High. In light of the incident, Conrad Kerber, the head coach for both Tiyan Boys and Girls Rugby teams is calling out the league to address the concerns.

"The aggressive nature that was witnessed clearly showed that it's a definite issue that we have to deal with," he said. "I had three players that were injured in that first game against Guam High directly by that particular player. Right now, we just have to come together as a group and discuss the proper path to take, discuss what the parameters are with allowing transgender males in full contact sports such as rugby."

Yeah, ya think?!?

Three injuries in one game caused by the same trans player? I'm thinking it's time for a change!

Now, rugby girls are some of the toughest out there, and I'm not afraid to admit to being slightly intimidated while in their presence, but you put a biological male out there on the field with these girls at full speed? That's just plain dangerous! And it's bound to lead to serious injury.

It's why the World Rugby Law states that trans women are not to compete in the game:

Pretty obvious rule right there. Sad that we need it.

But hopefully the Guam High School Rugby league can make this law a part of their game. Because if not, it will only lead to more unnecessary injuries like the ones mentioned above. Also, it could even lead to the biological male on the field becoming a target for the opposing team. And that's not cool either.

So come on, people! Let's use our heads here and get men out of women's sports!

It's obviously the right thing to do!

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