Watch this young woman detail how manipulative "affirming" doctors cut off her breasts and pumped her with testosterone
· Oct 4, 2022 ·

Under the guise of being "gender-affirming," predatory doctors took advantage of this young lady with borderline personality disorder. They convinced her to get her breasts cut off and have testosterone injected into her.

(Twitter has likely marked this video as sensitive because they don't want as many young people to see it.)

I decided that I didn't want to be a woman before I had ever even experienced being a woman. I had no idea what being a woman was like because I was a child and now I feel like I will never entirely know.

I want to say that I really feel like some people in the trans community and the trans medicalists and the doctors really, really target the most vulnerable of us. I have borderline personality disorder and I know for a fact that this is the reason for my transition.

This young lady, who had no idea of the consequences of her actions, who couldn't possibly consent to a life without her female biology intact, who suffers from a mental disorder, was pressured by "affirming" doctors and the trans community to give up her biological identity.

One of the core features (of BPD) is not having any sense of self or identity. And my doctors knew this, I told them, even though they didn't ask, that I had been diagnosed with BPD. And it was all fine to them. I wasn't happy as a girl, so that meant I was a boy, that I was trans.

This is malpractice of the highest order.

It's absolutely insane that doctors are targeting vulnerable people and kids with this stuff, selling them the "cure" of butchering their bodies.

It boggles the mind and shakes you to your core.

So I took the cure that was handed to me. I was told that I was being given a cure and that I wouldn't want to kill myself anymore and it wasn't true!

This is EXACTLY what the trans community and the quacks who do these surgeries tell people, especially parents.

"Would you rather have a dead daughter or an alive son?"

As if the surgeries and affirming care actually cure anyone of their dysphoria.

I lost my voice. I lost my chest. I don't know if I'm going to be able to have kids. I feel like no one wants to date me or love me because I'm ruined.

This story is happening thousands of times over across the Western world.

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