Hell Pizza patrons have a new way to pay for their pizza: Buy your pie now, don’t pay until you’re dead.
· May 26, 2023 · NottheBee.com

New Zealand-based Hell Pizza is trialing a new payment method for their pizzas: buy the pizza now, pay when you're dead in a not-so-subtle allusion to selling one's soul.

Here's the commercial:

The scheme works like this. Six-hundred sixty-six customers (yes, 666) in New Zealand and 666 customers in Australia will have the option to pay for their pizza by adding an addendum to their wills leaving the price of the pizza to the company.

There are no fees or interest, just the price of the pizza that will be deducted from the patrons' estates when they die, and the contract is legally binding.

The idea came up after Ben Cumming, CEO of Hell Pizza, was contacted by various Buy-Now-Pay-Later companies trying to sign Hell Pizza on to their plans.

"We're seeing a growing number of people using the schemes to buy essential items like food, and we think it's taking it a step too far when you've got quick service restaurants like ours being asked to offer BNPL for what is considered a treat — especially when you consider people are falling behind in their payments and 10.5 per cent of loans in NZ are in arrears," he says.

"An investigation from Consumer NZ describes the schemes as ‘addictive' and says being approved is easier than getting a credit card - when you add in the late fees and penalties, people can get into debt fast. We don't think people should do this for their pizza - we would prefer they purchase HELL within their financial means".

The terms and conditions are pretty straight-forward too, though the legal footwork is a lot for a pizza. In the time you put into getting a pizza that your estate will pay for after you die, you probably could have just worked a couple of hours and paid for the pizza up front.

But if you're down under and are hungry enough to sell your soul for a pizza, this is certainly a better alternative.

Unless it's pineapple pizza, then it's already too late for you.

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