Here is how Italian police responded to a trans-identified man who exposed himself to children
· May 26, 2023 ·

If you don't speak Italian, I regret to inform you that this man (and many others) are upset at the POLICE:

[Warning: Police serving instant justice to a pedophile]

Here's what happened, per Reduxx:

Four police officers subdued a trans-identified male this week after he allegedly exhibited a disturbed outburst in front of a public school in Milan, Italy. Trans activists are now calling the arrest "transphobic," and claiming police used undue force on an "unarmed trans woman."

The incident occurred Wednesday morning just as children entered the Istituto Comprensivo Casa Del Sole, a primary school near Trotter Park. The trans-identified male, who is reported to be a Brazilian national, reportedly exposed his genitals in front of the children as they filed in for class. The man, whose identity has not yet been confirmed, is reported to be without Italian residency.

According to Il Giorno, the man began shouting obscenities at the people in front of the school, saying he would "infect them with his blood" and that he was HIV positive.

This guy waited for young kids to enter their school, ran up to them in a dress, flashed his penis, and started shouting obscenities and threats.

But the trans cultists are angry that the police whacked this perv over the head!

"An unarmed trans woman"

They want to turn this dude into Trans Floyd!

Sorry not sorry, but when a man flashes a bunch of school kids, he's lost his right to not take pepper spray and a billy club to the face.

We'd have a lot less sickos attempting this stuff if they knew the instant consequences.

I love the community note on this post, by the way:

Mess around, find out.

Some nations still know how to protect their kids!

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