Here are some of this weekend's massive mandate protests around the world that the media isn’t showing you
· Nov 22, 2021 ·

What, you haven't seen videos of the mass protests involving millions of people all over the world who are tired of Covid tyranny?

The BBC dedicated some coverage to it, NPR did a short piece lamenting how the protests will likely cause everyone to die from the fearsome 'Rona, CNN had a little blip coupled with a story about how locking the unvaxxed in their homes seems to finally be forcing those little people to shut up and get their jab, and Newsweek actually did an okay job of covering it...

...But if you didn't go searching for it like I did, you likely haven't seen the stories, let alone the videos:

But remember, according to one story from ABC I managed to find, comparing lockdowns, police checking papers on the streets, and creating a class of undesirables in society to Nazi Germany is "offensive."

Some protesters carried signs that have been widely criticized as offensive, comparing coronavirus restrictions to the actions of Nazi Germany.

Which makes this Holocaust survivor "offensive," I guess.

This isn't March 2020. We know what Covid is. People have had the opportunity to get vaxxed. We know the average age of those dying is above general life expectancy in most places, and that the risk of young, healthy individuals dying from the 'Rona is vanishingly small (even if the few who die get plastered on the news as a warning to us all).

Those with the vax, even if far inferior to natural immunity, have far less severe symptoms. Therapeutics and treatments are widely available, with new drugs coming out that are near 90% effective at preventing death in severe cases. Heck, we know now that even cheap-as-dirt aspirin might be effective at reducing death.

To the world governments trying to scare us into another two years of submission for the sake of power: The pandemic is over!

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