Here are some totally well-adjusted liberals taking turns beating a Trump effigy with a baseball bat in Hollywood

Nov 10th

Just normal stuff here, folks.

Totally everyday stuff to tie an effigy of POTUS to a street light and beat it savagely with a baseball beat.

She even made sure to pound "Trump" in the family jewels 😭

Also, here's what definitely-not-quano-crazy libs were doing the day before [language warning]:

Look at the rage, the hatred, the disconnect from reality. How they cheer each other on like a pack of wild animals.

I'll just go ahead and say what we're all thinking.

If that were a large mob of Trump supporters surrounded by pickup trucks in a field taking turns maniacally beating the crud out of an effigy of Joe Biden or Kamala Harris which was tied to a tree, how hard would the corporate media be pushing for a "national conversation" about hate and intolerance from the right?

That is all.


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