Here's a thread on one of the faces behind the fAcT-cHeCkinG regime that decides what's true about Covid jabs and reality itself
· Jan 2, 2023 ·


Yes, this man is a fact checker.

At PolitiFact!

Doesn't he look just like you imagined him?

His coming was foretold long ago by the dank meme-lords of the interwebs.

This, all ye mortals, is one who decides what is true, and by definition, morally superior (even if factually incorrect).

It really is amazing.

Guys like Jeff write up little fact checks from their living rooms to prove why their ideological opponents are wrong.

The media then runs with these fact checks, pairing wildly biased experts that share the same ideological stance to reinforce the idea that their reporting is factual, not narrative in nature.

See "60 Minutes" last night:

After the media has reported something from a particular angle, politicians across the world use it as an excuse for authoritarian policy and the censorship of their own enemies. Institutions across society – from Big Tech to academia to your employer – use this multi-layered fact laundering to provide a legal screening that allows them to do the same.

People are fired, statues are torn down, riots burn down cities, lies go undiscovered, corruption gets covered up, men get to pretend to be women, textbooks are rewritten, and medical questions go unanswered because people like Jeff get paid to be the arbiters of truth and decency.

So next time you see a soyjack meme and someone says it's mean, ask them:

What do you think is more important? Hurting someone's feelings, or holding them accountable for the destruction of civil liberties and civilization itself?

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