Swing Into The Weekend With A Definitive Ranking Of The Spider-Man Movies. You're Welcome.
· Jan 14, 2022 · NottheBee.com

We can all agree that Spider-Man is probably the most fun superhero with the most entertaining movies of any super character ever.

But, in this vast spiderverse of movies, which spidey reigns supreme?

Well, I finally went to see the newest installment, Spider-Man: No Way Home, so now I am ready to definitively tell you the rankings of all the Spider-Man movies.

Let's get started.

[Warning: Mild language and superhero violence in clips throughout this story]

#9: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

After a very exciting and fun version of Spider-Man in the original Andrew Garfield film, Sony decided to destroy all their good graces and make this abomination of a film. Even if it has some good moments, the story is absolutely dumb. There's no overcoming the awful villain and bad plot.

#8: Spider-Man 3

I know, most lists would have this as the worst Spider-Man movie in existence. And there's a good case for it. It may be the nostalgia, or just that I was the right age to enjoy this movie despite its awfulness, but there's something I really love about Spider-Man 3. I think the idea is a good one, even if people hate on the idea of evil Spider-Man.

This, you have to admit, is absolute cinema gold:

Okay, never mind. I get the hate.

#7: The Amazing Spider-Man

Sorry, Andrew. It had to be done.

It should be noted, including this movie, every other movie on the list from here on out is undeniably good. I really really like this Spider-Man movie. I think Andrew Garfield is a great Peter Parker. It's just neither of his movies has that quality to make them an excellent film. Watching Peter Parker become Spider-Man in this movie is what makes you love Andrew Garfield and what could have been in this series.

#6: Spider-Man: Far From Home

I love this movie. This is such a hard list to make because there's so much quality here.

Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker, hands-down.

The second movie in the newest Spider-Man series starring Tom Holland is such a fun ride. It's set in Europe on a high school trip, which allows you to see Spider-Man in a completely different setting. You have Tom Holland playing Peter Parker still as a young kid. He's in high school, he's figuring out life, he's charming and goofy. It's so much fun.

It just falls short of the others in the series.

#5: Spider-Man: No Way Home

This is the most recent entry into the Spider-Man Universe, and it's still in theaters so I'm not going to spoil it. Just know that it's fun, it's funny, and it has Dr. Strange.

That's what's most important.

#4: Spider-Man

Yep, the original Spider-Man movie, the one that started the superhero craze, has landed nearly in the smack-dab middle of the list.

This just goes to show you what greatness this movie spawned.

The OG movie has so much to love about it.

There's the definitive origin story. Uncle Ben, discovering his powers, wrestling Bone-Saw, fighting the Green Goblin. It's all there and it is all glorious.

I have nothing negative to say about this movie.

#3: Spiderman: Homecoming

It was tough choosing between 3 and 4. But in the end, the new Spider-Man won out.

This movie is just a joy to watch. Tom Holland IS Peter Parker. There's no way around it. This is the goofy, sarcastic, smart kid that slings webs and saves the girl. No one has nailed this character better.

What can I say, it's just a good superhero movie. There's action, comedy, suspense, twists and turns. This movie is the complete package.

And it has Michael Keaton. Enough said.

It's so funny.

#2: Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

You're gonna say "this is a cartoon, it doesn't belong on this list, what are you thinking?" But guess what? I don't care.

So what if it's a cartoon? It's flipping good. It honestly brings the whole thing back to that comic-book energy. It's wacky, it's silly, it's sweet. I absolutely love this movie, and if you skipped it because you though it was a movie for little kids, you are dead wrong.

This is your assignment: Watch this movie ASAP!

So, so enjoyable.

And that leaves us with just one more spot. The Number one Spider-Man movie of all time is...

#1: Spider-Man 2

Not only is Spider-Man 2 the best Spider-Man movie of all time, it's probably the best Superhero movie of all time.

This movie rules. I have nothing negative to say about it.

Fantastic villain, fantastic plot, amazing action, heartwarming moments. This movie is a masterpiece from start to finish.

I said earlier that Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker, but Tobey Maguire is the best Spider-Man ever put to film. It's not even close. When I think of Spider-Man I think of Tobey.

Nobody wants to see "evil Spider-Man," we want to see "no care in the world" Spider-Man.

This movie has one thing most superhero movies now don't have. Heart.

It's an amazingly done film, and if you haven't watched it lately you need to watch it again, you'll be glad you did.

There it is, the best Spider-Man movies of all time.

You're welcome.

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