Mayor Pete Is Being Nominated for Secretary of Transportation and the Media Spin Machine Is Working Overtime.
· Dec 16, 2020 ·

Pete Buttigieg, most well known for being the gay Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and then running for the Democrat presidential nomination, has now been nominated as Secretary of Transportation by Joe Biden. And we know he's qualified, you know, because he's gay.

Let's start with a few reasons the media believes Mayor Pete is qualified.

First of all, he is making history! First openly gay cabinet member! How dare you criticize him!

Unless you remember that Trump appointed openly gay Richard Grenell in February as Director of National Intelligence.

Nothing like being fact-checked by your former self.

The pro-LGBT outlet Queerty did run a "well ackshully," meaning a non-correction, about how this time it's different because Mayor Pete would have to be approved by the Senate. So it's totally different. See? It's not like the real reason we published an identical headline is that the first one is a Republican, so it doesn't count. It just doesn't count because... reasons.

If this doesn't prove the media hypocrisy to you, and the media being utterly sold out to the Democratic Party, let's check out Mayor Pete's OTHER qualifications for the position of Secretary of Transportation.



Wait here's something!

Mayor Pete did spend 8 years not fixing the roads in the small city he ran. So that's some kind of accomplishment.

It turns out that the roads were SO BAD under Mayor Pete's leadership in South Bend that the city won a contest from Domino's Pizza for the pizza chain to fix the roads in 2019. After 7 years of Buttigieg doing nothing.

So, maybe that's not his best qualification. What's another reason he's worthy of the title? Let's ask Politico Contributing Editor Adam Wren, what makes Mayor Pete qualified?

So, maybe he can't manage to fix the terrible roads in his hometown BUT he LOVES to play a board game about trains! Put him in charge of everything to do with trains!

I once won a game of Clue, so I guess that means I should be the director of the FBI.

The media's love affair with the Democratic Party is on full display as they continually fawn over every single thing that Joe Biden does.

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