Everyone was forced to put on a mask before Georgia's Sen. Warnock arrived for an event but he rolled in breathing the free air like a superspreading machine
· Dec 5, 2022 · NottheBee.com

In what's now a stone-cold classic for Democrats, watch as pro-death pastor and Senator Raphael Warnock grins as big as you've ever seen anyone grin while all the peasants who came to see him have to wear their masks.




"Pastor" Warnock can't breathe the filthy air of the commoners! They need to filter out all their peasant germs.

After all, his church does require everyone over the age of 5 to be vaxxed and have ID in order to attend (I thought ID was racist??).

The sad part is that probably no one at this event even detects a hint of irony in this outrageous act of mask hypocrisy.

Warnock's message is that he is an exception to the rule because he's one of the ruling class, not one of the plebeians that's just meant to vote for him.

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