Here's Just A Sample Of The Insane Covid Misinformation Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Has Spewed During The Vaccine Mandate Hearing Today
· Jan 7, 2022 ·

It's really discouraging when you see the actual intelligence level of some of those on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor has done an incredible job today in revealing the fact that she apparently gets most of her news from the comment section on MSNBC's Facebook page.

This is literally insane.

This number is so far removed from reality that it baffles the mind that someone in such a position of power could bring it up at all.

(The above numbers are from Fauci's HHS release on Friday, by the way.)

Where in the world did she get that number from? Has she done any research AT ALL on the subject she's ruling on?

This is just embarrassing.

In case the actual HHS numbers weren't enough to convince you, here's Dr. Fauci himself admitting that most children are hospitalized with Covid (meaning they test positive after coming in for something else), rather than because of Covid.

And, somehow, it may not be the most embarrassing thing Sotomayor has said today.

Here are a few more examples of just the pure ignorance coming from a member of the highest court in the land:

She is literally just making this stuff up to make it seem like there's a crisis among children.

There's no proof at all that this is happening, but that won't stop her from entering it into the public record.

I mean, seriously, where is she getting her news? Literally everyone knows that Omicron is nowhere near as deadly as Delta or any other form of Covid. Yet, in order to justify an unconstitutional mandate, Sotomayor is willing to just lie about the severity of Covid.

It's straight-up Covid misinformation.

I'm sure she will be censored on social media for these repeated lies.

How in the world is this person on the Supreme Court? How far have we fallen as a country to allow this?

The Left should be embarrassed that this is one of their heroes.

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