Here's New Zealand's Prime Minister Granting Citizens The Right To Use The Bathroom Inside Their Friends' Homes. Seriously.
· Nov 29, 2021 ·

New Zealand's Prime Minister, or Empress, Jacinda Arden, has made a very exciting announcement for Kiwis who are cowering in fear over the Coronavirus.

You can now go visit your friends AND use the bathroom in their house:

I know this is a question many Aucklanders have: You can now see family and friends again in their home, and use the bathroom inside. Luxury!

I am sure I speak for all red-blooded Americans when I say: "What the heck?"

I mean, really, what has been happening in New Zealand when they finally, today, "let" their citizens go visit friends and family? Has going to see your loved ones seriously been banned? Have people actually been following this ban?

Also, they are now allowed to use the bathroom INSIDE their friends homes? What was the policy before this?

Here's real video of a New Zealander after hearing this message from their Prime Minister:

The best (or worst part) is the little joke she throws in at the end, saying that using the bathroom in the house is a "luxury."

It shows something sinister, that she really believes SHE has the authority to tell someone where they can and cannot go to the bathroom. She truly believes that if she told people they had to use the bathroom in the bushes that they would be obligated to follow her edict.

These Covid restrictions are out of control, and this throw-away comment proves just how dictatorial certain leaders have become.

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