Here’s the trajectory your church will follow once it's gone Woke
· Mar 7, 2021 ·

If you go to a church that is promoting iNcLuSiViTy and wHiTe pRiViLeGe (let alone things like same-sex marriage or abortion), let me show you the exact trajectory your church will take:


This "church" no longer deserves that title, for it no longer has anything to do with the Body of Christ. Go take your moral therapeutic deism elsewhere, amen and awoman!

Here's what their "pastor" had to say:

"There is stuff in [the Bible] that I think really goes against the character of God."

Wow, guys! Pastor Josh Scott of 21st-century America better knows the character of God than all the faithful leaders, apostles, and prophets who came before us! He probs knows God's character better than God Himself! I really hope there are no consequences if you're wrong on that gamble, bud.

Here's the short version of what Scott is saying:

"There are genocides that have been divinely sanctioned in the Bible," he continued.

You really didn't pay attention in seminary, did you bro? That stuff about the morally repugnant Canaanites being wiped off the face of the earth is hard for us enlightened modern weenies to understand. Instead of looking at the historical context and theological meaning, however, just throw that yucky stuff about sin and wrath under the rug.

"People have used the text in the Bible, in the Bible, plain readings of the text at times to support white supremacy, to defend slavery, to defend segregation."

Huh, so you're saying that if people misuse Scripture to do bad things it makes God a liar.

But your misuse of the Bible is exempt from criticism because YOU know the truth, right?

Saying the Bible is inerrant and infallible, it absolves us of our responsibility to do what our ancestors did, which is to wrestle."

The meaning of the name "Israel" is "He wrestles with God" or "God fights." The name was given to Jacob because he struggled with God and prevailed, refusing to let go of God even though He had injured him. Part of this struggle was confessing his sin and trusting God no matter what.

What this "pastor" is advocating is not "wrestling," but open rebellion against our Heavenly Father.

There is one far more powerful that has already tried that, and if a person chooses his path, that person will share his same fate.

I‘ll give you a personal anecdote on how this thinking spreads into a congregation. A family friend went to a new Bible study group a few months ago at a historically conservative church. When she arrived, she saw they were reading a copy of "White Fragility" and immediately raised concerns.

Not only did the group blast her for her (accurate) opinion that the book is anti-biblical, they asked her to leave and not come back. You know, in the name of iNcLuSiOn.

Now multiply this one example by a factor of a few thousand and you begin to see what is infecting the church across the nation.

The trajectory is clear. Like that first question to Adam and Eve in the Garden, a whisper asks us: "Did God really say?"

It begins with well-meaning intentions to be more seeker sensitive and engage cultural issues like sexuality and race. It ends by proclaiming the Bible is not God's Word and that Christ did not really exist, let alone rise from the dead.

Sadly, this conclusion really precedes the decision to affirm popular cultural beliefs.

"The latter predates the former," argued one commenter. "It's just advertised now."

If you begin imbibing these things into your soul, expect to throw the resurrected Christ to the curb in exchange for self-help spirituality about your "zim zum."


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