IMPRESSIVE: Amazon's $1-billion LOTR flop currently has a lower audience approval than Joseph R. Biden
ยท Sep 2, 2022 ยท

If you aren't aware, the Tolkien fandom isn't happy with Amazon's new work of "art," the $1-billion-a-season "Rings of Power."

There are a lot of reasons why the show is being criticized so heavily โ€“ most of them having to do with post-modern, feminist, Marxist ideology that the showrunners are trying to impose on a franchise that is utterly opposed to such things โ€“ but I'll let you sift through those in-depth reviews for yourself.

As for right now, let's just glory in the fact that somehow, despite the beloved franchise having oodles of source material to work with, the creators of this hot garbage managed to get a worse initial rating than the current approval ratings of the most unliked President of the United States.

I love and hate to see it (cuz I want woke desecrations of art to fail but I really wanted this to be good).

You can ignore the critic rating. These days, it only serves as a benchmark of whether or not something is woke trash or just trash trash.

If the critics love it but the audience hates it, it's just gonna be a boring, preachy thing that's basically woke Sunday School. If both hate it, it's just bad film.

Then there's the magic unicorn:

Here are some of the incoming audience reviews for "Rings of Power":

Have I mentioned that this is the most expensive TV show ever made and that Amazon is banking the future of its film studio on it?

A few people are out there leaving glowing reviews. Pray for their mental health today.

Anyway, if you want to watch something that's funny and won't preach at you about intersectional feminism for 2 hours, here's The Bee's version of "Rings of Power"!

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