Hillary Clinton says a Trump 2024 win "could be the end of our democracy"
· Dec 13, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Excuse me, Hillary, but who is it that still says the 2016 election was "stolen" from her?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic Party nominee for president, said Sunday on NBC's "Today" that if former President Donald Trump won the presidency in 2024, it "could be the end" of U.S. democracy.

Clinton said, "If I were a betting person right now, I'd say Trump is going to run again. He seems to be setting himself up to do that, and if he's not held accountable, then he gets to do it again. I think that could be the end of our democracy. Not to be too pointed about it, but I want people to understand that this is a make-or-break point. If he or someone of his ilk were once again to be elected president, and if especially if he had a Congress that would do his bidding, you will not recognize our country."

Again, this is coming from the career politician who still maintains that the 2016 election was rigged and that Donald Trump is a "puppet of Putin," despite millions of taxpayer dollars being spent to ultimately prove that claim false.

She added, "I tried to warn people. I tried to make the case that this was really dangerous — the people he was allied with, what they were saying, what he might do. I do think, but for Jim Comey and the stunt he pulled 10 days before the election, I would have won. I feel terrible about not stopping him and the people around him, but I feel like now everybody can see for themselves what kind of leader he is."

"I would have won."

If you didn't want James Comey to investigate your emails, Hillary, maybe you shouldn't have been so shady with said emails.

Clinton added, "Clearly, there were people who liked what they saw, despite what I see as the real dangers to our country.

Ah yes, the "basket of deplorables."

This woman despises anyone who doesn't share her elitist, far-left worldview!

They turned out and voted for him. And he's trying to get it set up so that will happen again for him, even as he loses, as he did twice the popular vote."


She literally can't admit that Trump beat her. That entitled ego of hers will not let her admit that she got trounced. She purposely phrases her words to point out that she won the popular vote, without any acknowledgement that the Electoral College exists precisely to keep the straight popular vote (AKA mob rule) from destroying the nation.

But Hillary, like other lefties, doesn't want things like the Electoral College.

She doesn't want checks and balances or our federalist system.

She doesn't want to protect the rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Seems like our democracy owes a favor to Donald Trump for beating this lady in 2016!

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