Hitler's toilet seat is going up for auction

Feb 2nd

For some reason, there's a market for the restroom fixtures of genocidal maniacs.

We've all heard the garbage that came out of Adolf Hitler's mouth, but at least one individual will be able to experience what came out the fuhrer's – err, other end.

U.S. soldier Sergeant Ragnvald Borch first took the seat from Hitler's private bathroom at the Berghof, his estate in the Bavarian Alps.

Borch was told to grab anything he wanted from the estate, and for some reason he thought the toilet seat was a great idea. When another soldier asked him why in the heck he was carrying around said seat, Borch reportedly said, "Where do you think Hitler put his a--?"

Borch managed to ship the seat back to his home in New Jersey and displayed it in his basement. His son said he used to tell people, "This is where [Hitler] used to do his thinking."

Talk about a conversation piece!

The sergeant's family is now selling the seat at auction in Chesapeake City, Maryland. It's expected to sell for at least $10,000.

"[It's] guaranteed to be one of the most eye-catching items one could ever add to a collection of World War Two relics," said Bill Panagopulos from the auction house.

Here's a few pics of der fuhrer's seat from the auction listing:


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