A mob of left-wing radicals armed with hatchets and knives took over a Washington hotel on Sunday -- wait, the corporate media didn't tell you??
· Feb 2, 2021 · NottheBee.com

YA. 👇

This really happened. A literal mob of dozens of Antifa neckbeards armed with hatchets, knives, and batons stormed the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, Washington on Sunday, and forcibly took it over. With weapons. And threats of violence.

Their stated reason was ostensibly to give the hotel to homeless people, because hOuSiNg iS a HuMaN RiGhT and so is communism.

And when the cops showed up, they chanted death threats at them [language warning]:

But wait, our responsible corporate media -- the one that is oh-so-concerned with such politically motivated domestic unrest -- has certainly reported widely on this, right?

What's that you say? You didn't know about it until now?


I just Googled "Red Lion Hotel" and got 3 -- count 'em, THREE -- results:

This happened the day before yesterday. No coverage.

And the reporting in those three stories above is absolutely disgusting. We'll get there in one sec.

First, the extremely liberal City of Olympia issued a press release about the takeover. Look at the details:

That's, like, terrorism. I mean literally.

But ... BUT ... Look at ABC's lede:

Members of a housing advocacy group were arrested in Washington state Sunday after they allegedly stormed a hotel in Olympia and occupied it while demanding better care for people living on the streets.

  • "housing advocacy group"
  • "allegedly"
  • "demanding better care for people living on the streets"

Look at USA Today's:

Police in Olympia, Washington, said they removed dozens of homeless activists after they "forcibly occupied" a downtown hotel to secure housing for some of the city's homeless population.

  • "homeless activists"
  • "to secure housing for some of the city's homeless population"

They might as well have called them heroic freedom fighters!

How big a story would it be if these were conservative "activists"?

What would the corporate media's angle be in that case?

You and I both know.

Our media is disgraceful.

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