This tech company returned to their office after lockdown to discover the building was now under the control of 20,000 bees!

Feb 2nd

Nature is healing. We are the virus.

Or something like that.

Invoca is a Santa Barbara-based AI software company. And like many California offices, their building has sat empty since March, with employees under Covid lockdown and working from home.

When they finally came back to the building, however, they figured they'd just find a layer of dust and a pile of mail. But instead they discovered 20,000 honey bees had made their home in the office building.

The bees had built a massive hive filled with over 10 gallons of honey, beeswax, and pollen!

They ended up having a service remove the hive and relocate it somewhere more bee-appropriate.

Which is good because the CEO is actually allergic to them. And that's a lot of stinkin' bees.


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