Holy crap! Check out this thread about how Biden's CDC is grooming kids with secret chats, sex change talk, and literal witchcraft
· · Jul 18, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Let's take a stroll over to the CDC and see what we're spending our tax dollars on, shall we?

No, it's not ridiculous Covid expenditures that we're worried about this time. Instead it's the online sexual, political, and spiritual grooming of children promoted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Breitbart's Spencer Lindquist has tracked down and exposed the CDC's Q Chat Space program which is aimed at indoctrinating children into LGBTQ lifestyles while hiding it from parents.

Buckle up, this thread is going to be insane.

Here's what he's found:

Is this who you want talking to your child about sex? Probably not. I'm sure you don't want them talking to your children about sex secretly, on a platform designed to be kept hidden from you. But government bureaucrats might think a little differently.

Here's the @CDCgov LGBTQ Youth Resources Page. You'd think that any government website would have relatively stringent vetting processes.

If so, that'd make the presence of the Q Chat Space all the more disturbing. What is Q Chat Space?

Q Chat Space is a private, online LGBT chat site. It mixes adults and children and is open to those ages 13-19. It is specifically designed to be hidden from parents. Here's the "quick escape" button kids can use to hide the page. You can also sign up for "discreet" messages.

What is it that needs to be kept hidden? Here are some of the chat topics:

- Sex change operations

-"Queering" Tarot cards


- Drag culture

Let's pause here to emphasize the point that the US government is promoting witchcraft and astrology to teenage children in order to promote LGBT lifestyles.

This isn't a conspiracy. This isn't Alex Jones. This is an actual CDC recommendation for children.

Let's continue.

If these don't strike your 13 year old's fancy they can always take part in a session on activism or join an "Arson Support group," which we are assured is entirely symbolic.

Yep. Training children to be violent activists. That's what the next step in the revolution is.

Here we are, with sessions on "having multiple genders" and "sex and relationships."

After your child is done learning about queer witchcraft from a secret chat site that was promoted by your federal government, they can learn to "deal with family." A classic groomer strategy But wait! Your child is supposed to find a "chosen family" (this doesn't include you!)

And here's another textbook groomer tactic - these topics are intermixed with sessions that discuss Star Wars and Pokemon.

Groomers blend kid-friendly material with politically and sexually charged content, laundering the victim's receptivity from the former to latter.

Oh, and there's more to this story, of course.

You just knew that Planned Parenthood would be involved.

If they can't get your kids through abortion they'll make sure they permanently sterilize themselves by giving the hormone blockers.

All promoted by the federal government and YOUR tax dollars.

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