How are things going in liberal utopia NYC? Let's check in with the New York Post.
· · Apr 9, 2021 ·

Now that's quite a cover from the New York Post.

I find this strange because New York City is a liberal mecca, a lefty utopia, a veritable cornucopia of progressive policy.

What gives?

Here's the whole piece, which contains lots of images and videos:

Here are some highlights from the nuclear bomb of an article:

  • The possibility of permanent decline and the ultimate destruction of the New York we know is unmatched in modern memory.
  • The state's take raises the total budget about to be adopted to $212 billion, some $18 billion higher than the fiscal year that just ended. Florida, which has 2 million more people, will make do with spending $97 billion this year.
  • Despite the bailout, and the December pandemic stimulus, and the ones before that, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers are launching $4 billion of new tax hikes. Apparently being the highest-taxed state by most measurements doesn't satisfy them. They want to be No. 1 across the board.
  • What business would want to come here now? Why should existing ones continue to pay more and more for dangerous and dirty streets and arbitrary pandemic shutdowns?
  • Murder [in NYC] climbed nearly 45 percent last year and is up an additional 13.5 percent this year. The increases translate into an additional 153 New Yorkers shot, stabbed and strangled. Shootings are up 72 percent in two years, and car thefts are up a staggering 91 percent. The city is in a death spiral, with unprovoked attacks and subway pushings adding more reason for rational fear.
  • Albany's answer: Put more handcuffs on cops, turn just about every criminal suspect loose, empty the prisons and raise taxes. Also, let's give money — $2.1 billion, to be exact — to illegal immigrants by creating an "excluded workers' fund."

A savage piece by Michael Goodwin. And well-deserved. New York City and New York state's governments are actively running them into the ground.

So why do people stay in New York City?

For many, just because it's home. It's where they were raised.

For many others, sadly, because they can't leave. They lack the means.

And their government is doing everything they can to keep it that way.

If things keep going the way they are now, NYC's future is dire, indeed.


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