How is this a real headline?
· May 14, 2024 ·

Look at this headline:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, when a black finger pulls the trigger on a black person, that is what we call systemic racism.

Believe it or not, this race-baiting story took us all the way back to Barack Obama's presidency (having a black president is probably racist, too) and showed us a mass gang shooting in New Orleans from 2013.

Twenty people suffered gunshot-related injuries on May 12, 2013, when the two brothers opened fire during a Mother's Day second line in the Seventh Ward. Prosecutors said the shooting was part of a drug conspiracy involving Shawn and Akein Scott and seven other people.

Three years later, the two brothers are being sentenced as part of a federal indictment involving the Frenchmen/Derbigny gang, also known as FnD. The charges included racketeering, narcotics and crimes of violence.

A second line is essentially a group of people who follow a brass band parade and dance to the music.

Some sort of drug dispute led to these two black men shooting up the crowd of fellow blacks, and like clockwork one of the second liners who was hit by fire had some words about the incident.

Hovering near death, [Deborah] Cotton somehow dictated a statement from the intensive care unit that a close friend delivered to a hastily called New Orleans City Council hearing. 'Do you know what it takes to be so disconnected in your heart that you walk out into a gathering of hundreds of people who look just like you and begin firing?' she asked. Alluding to the bleak circumstances facing many young Black men in New Orleans … 'These young men have been separated from us by so much trauma.'

Cotton was fully aware of the violence Black people had long endured from trigger-happy police and white vigilantes … But the evils of systemic racism were much broader than police brutality, she believed, their reach more insidious and pervasive.

To Cotton, Black lives mattered even if a Black person had done something reprehensible, like shooting into a peaceful crowd, because, she later told me, 'racism can kill Black people even when a Black finger pulls the trigger.' The gunman seen firing into the crowd in the Mother's Day video 'clearly made horrible choices that have ruined his life,' she continued. 'But he didn't do that in a vacuum. This city and this country created that vacuum.'

You see that!

Black people shooting black people is white people's fault!

I found the institutional racism, folks!

All I had to do to find it was go back eleven years and find a gang shooting in New Orleans!

And of course I can't leave out the article's Trump bashing.

That an unabashed racist could be elected president 150 years after the first Civil War was proof positive that the blood of slavery still pulsed through the American body politic ...

Like an infected, untended wound, the dilemma [of racism] will keep bubbling to the surface, manifesting in everything from a Mother's Day shooting in New Orleans, to the continuing murders of Black people by police and vigilantes, to the presidential election — and now, in 2024, possible reelection — of a white supremacist whose fellow neo-Confederates openly endorse waging a second civil war to 'make America great again.'

I can't wait to see the reaction from these aNtI-rAcisTs when Trump wins the black vote!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go fight black-on-black crime in my city. It's the only way to fight racism these days.

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