Are we all just gonna act like Hunter Biden didn't just get outed for casually and repeatedly using the N-word?
· Jun 9, 2021 ·

Ready for this one?

A new little gem has surfaced allegedly showing a conversation between Hunter Biden and his lawyer, George Mesires (who is white). In an email exchange, the Hunter repeatedly dropped the N-word like it was no big deal.

Here are the screenshots:

And the story:

It's pretty sickening stuff, but for those of us who've managed to get around social media censors to see the chaos that is Hunter Biden, it's no surprise.

Using the N-word is supposed to mark a person guilty for life. After all, a prominent NYT reporter was fired for using the word in an academic context to explain why someone shouldn't be cancelled for saying said word years ago.

As Outkick notes, however, the media simply doesn't care that the SON OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FLIPPANTLY AND REPEATEDLY USED THE WORD:

Outkick searched for any story regarding the use of the slur on CNN and found nothing.

You want to know what CNN did cover last year though??

Yeah, Trump, Jr. had some thoughts on that double standard:

Per Outkick:

When the N-word has been uttered by those less coddled than Hunter, the media offers no such grace or common sense.

NASCAR driver Kyle Larson is still apologizing for his similarly foolish but non-malicious use of the word. Larson was crucified in the media, fired by Chip Ganassi Racing, and lost nearly all of his sponsors.

College-aged students, much younger than Hunter was in 2018-19, have had their lives ruined for past uses of the slur. Mimi Groves, now 19, was kicked off the University of Tennessee's cheer team after a classmate arbitrarily posted an old video of Groves saying the N-word in high school. The headlines of the videos made it worse. As Groves puts it, her "dream" was shattered. Groves was over-punished. But what did you expect? She's a Groves, not a Biden.

Hunter Biden can do no wrong, and I think he knows it. He can use the N-word, smoke crack, sleep with everything that walks, impregnate strippers, obtain a gun illegally, and get into bed with foreign regimes, and the mainstream media won't say a single word.

You know and I know that if these were Donald Trump Jr. texts leaked during Trump's administration, the Democrats and the media (I repeat myself) would be calling for Trump to be impeached since this is proof that he and his family are white supremacists!

But no, it's Biden, it's a Dem, it's the Party, it's Dear Leader. The media will squash it, just like they've squashed every other scandalous story about the Bidens.

If it were anyone else, they'd rip their life apart.

That, my friends, is liberal privilege.

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