"I didn’t sign up for this," says stunned American man when he's told the Arab women he wants to date expect a man to provide for them
· Jun 20, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Weak men create hard times, but they're also fun to laugh at.

This is from a new show on TLC called "Match Me Abroad" where producers help single Americans move overseas and find dates after striking out at home.

From People:

...three global matchmakers will help the Americans transition to life in Colombia, Morocco and the Czech Republic as they open their hearts to new strangers.

The matchmaker in this clip is Nina Kharoufeh, a Palestinian-American woman who grew up in Jersey. The man she's helping is Mark, a sports broadcaster from Arizona looking to start a family.

Mark reportedly described himself as a frat boy in a 44-year-old's body, and I can definitely see that, since frat boys are, well, boys and not men who understand the nature of sacrifice, discipline, and respectful fear of God.

Apparently, Mark also never read one bit about culture outside the USA because he was also shocked to learn that it would be inappropriate to kiss his girlfriend in public in Morocco.

"You can't hug, you can't kiss, then you definitely are not bringing girls back to your place," he recalls, before musing, "Is every single date coming to an end with a handshake?"

Gee, Mark, it's almost like you'll have to commit to provide for a woman till death you do part until you can sleep with her. What a novel idea!

Here's some more on Mark's doomed attempt at international dating:

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