It is deeply alarming that police don't have a suspect in a brutal quadruple-homicide more than a week after it took place. Here's why.
· · Nov 22, 2022 ·

In the context of modern law enforcement and crimonology, none of this makes any sense at all:

One week after the the bodies of four University of Idaho students were discovered in their shared off-campus home in the town of Moscow, authorities do not have a suspect in custody nor has a weapon been found, according to Moscow Police Captain Roger Lanier.

Police have fielded 646 tips and have conducted more than 90 interviews so far, said Police Chief James Fry during a Sunday press conference.

"We're trying to expedite everything that might possibly lead to a suspect," Latah County prosecutor Bill Thompson said Saturday.

The fact that police are still trying to figure out a way to "possibly" lead to a suspect is just insane. This is not at all normal.

Here's why:

  • The killer must have gotten in and out of the crime scene without leaving any forensic evidence at all, or at least so little forensic evidence that it's stumped police for over a week. That's extremely rare. Forensic science has been so comprehensively refined over the last several decades that, at least in the event of a brutal, violent slaying such as this, there's invariably some kind of biomedical evidence of some kind at the crime scene.
  • The killer must have made it into the crime scene without being seen; he also must have made it away from the crime scene without being seen. Moscow, Idaho is not New York City; it is a college town, however, so even if the killings took place late at night, it would be odd if there were not more than a few students out and about at the time (especially when you consider it was a Saturday night and the house is located near the university's fraternity row).
  • At least two of the victims may have fought back against the attacker. But all four killings were apparently accomplished without two other roommates in the house waking up during them.
  • Apparently nobody in the city has come forward pointing to anyone at all as a possible suspect. Nobody has pointed to their creepy neighbor, their unstable brother, their mentally unwell son, their anger-prone coworker — apparently not a single lead on that front, at least not according to police.
  • In an era of essentially ubiquitous digital permanency, no evidence has apparently arisen to link anyone to the crime scene via phone data, cell phone tower pings, anything.

This is all just bizarre. What the heck are police missing? Who is the killer who's able to avoid capture for this long?

Whatever the answers, pray for a speedy resolution and quick justice here.


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