There was just a HUGE twist in the Trump case. His New York judge brought these social posts to the world's attention and the word "mistrial" is trending ๐Ÿ‘€
ยท Jun 7, 2024 ยท

Ladies and gentlemen, the social media post of a very dumb person might have just saved the Republic.


There are actually two Facebook comments from this guy:

The "now we are married" comment is a joke referring to the immunity spouses have from testifying under oath against each other.

This little quip made me think this was a nothingburger, but the New York justice system apparently thought it was reliable enough to put out a formal letter on Friday evening, which means this guy likely is related to one of the jurors.

The judge, who is a Biden supporter, probably didn't like writing this:

Dear Counsel:

Today, the Court became aware of a comment that was posted on the Unified Court System's public Facebook page and which I now bring to your attention. In the comment, the user, "Michael Anderson," states:

'My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted & Thank you folks for all your hard work!!!!' ยฉ

The comment, now labeled as one week old, responded to a routine US notice, posted on May 29, 2024, regarding oral arguments in the Fourth Department of the Appellate Division unrelated to this proceeding. The posting, entitled 'The Appellate Division, Fourth Department, will hear oral arguments this morning at 10,' and the comment are both viewable at

Very truly yours,

Juan M Merchan


So what is all this?

Is the guy merely a troll?

If so (and I'm willing to believe this dude just trolled the New York Supreme Court because our institutions are clown shows), why in the heck did no one dig into his social media profile for 5 minutes or use some of their endless resources to verify the guy's ID?? They sent out a legal letter on Friday night without any vetting at all??

But if it's real, is it a psyop that was designed to give Democrats an out after successfully pinning Donald Trump with the label felon? Was a mistrial always the plan to keep Trump's numbers from going even higher behind bars?

Or is this another example of TEFLON DON'S uncanny, some might say Providential, ability to avoid everything that the multi-trillion-dollar regime of the most powerful empire in world history throws his way??

I dunno, but boy am I glad that dumb-dumbs like Michael Anderson exist, if only for the entertainment value!

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