I regret to inform you that Joe Biden is trying to talk about AR-15s again. His level of ignorance is astounding.
· Jun 17, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Here is what he said, stuttering omitted:

"I made it harder for people to buy stabilized braces. Put a pistol on a brace, it turns it into a gun. Makes it more, you can have a higher caliber weapon, a higher caliber bullet coming out of that gun."

I once again find myself confused by the Left. Isn't the issue of guns -- specifically Ar-15-sTyLe WeApOns -- supposed to be nearly their most important issue? Sacrosanct?

And your leader isn't as knowledgable about firearms as the average 6 year old heartland American?

"Put a pistol on a brace, it turns into a gun"

What?? Adding a pistol brace "turns it into a gun"? It changes literally nothing about the gun outside of adding a piece of plastic on the butt end. What the heck do you mean that "turns it into a gun"?

"Makes it more ... a higher caliber weapon"

What??? How could the leader of the free world and the anti-AR-15 movement possibly think that adding a plastic brace on the butt end of a pistol could increase the caliber of the weapon?

Like, does that little plastic brace magically bore a bigger hole down your freaking barrel when you install it?

What planet am I on?

"Makes it more ... a higher caliber bullet coming out of that gun"

Yeah we just covered that. The dang pistol brace OBVIOUSLY does not affect the caliber of the gun. This is the fakest of fake news.

I don't understand how the standing President of the United States could be so ignorant about firearms.

How is it possible that after more than 50 years in politics, having to deal with the "gun issue" the whole time, Joe Biden could still be this utterly clueless about one of the things he's hoping will propel him to re-election in 2024?

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