”I think white Americans are terrible awful people in general” and so began a racist tirade of epic proportions.

Feb 4th

You know the playbook by now, some Twitter Blue Check you never heard of but has had some notoriety in certain circles and a ton of followers makes an outrageous tweet, gets called on it, doubles down, suggests pride in the tweet and/or a lack of regret, mentions how much he is enjoying the abuse, and finally finishes off the entire episode by sending it all down the memory hole.

It is why we've all made a habit here of screen capturing everything while we have the chance, and sure enough, after about 12 hours or so,...

His racist (but not racist of course) tirade came about when he started angrily tweeting about how rich countries which created and paid for the Covid vaccines were insufficiently eager to sacrifice the lives of their own citizens by giving the vaccines to countries that didn't.

The way this pandemic intersects with whiteness is one of the ugliest things in a long, long time guys. It's not OK that the poor world which is not coincidentally people of color is being abandoned by the rich white one. It's a massive moral and health failure

Akshually, that many (but not all) rich countries have a lot of white people is in a sense coincidental unless you're a racist ("whitness" he said). It's not as if they are raiding all the CVSs in sub Sahara Africa and absconding with vials of Covid vaccine.

The more he indulged in this self-affirming righteous rage fest, the more worked up he became.

I'm so tired of white Americans. Honestly I'd rather never deal with them again in this life. Their ugliness and indifference is just too grotesque for me or anyone vaguely sane to bear anymore

In case you were wondering, no, no apology was forthcoming. Given the initial replies he got from his faithful followers you can see why. Most were cheering him on. (These are still up and available in the people's individual feeds.)


Ashamed he is!

You have to admire this next guy‘s commitment to the spirit of the thread.

Way to work it, buddy!

"...marinating in a rancid stew of white privilege..."

Props where they're due. That is some vivid imagery. I'm sure he has a really healthy relationship with his dad.

Oh, there was some mild pushback, but that seemed to embolden him more.

Sorry, I think white Americans are terrible awful people in general and there's a world of vivid proof about that

At least he's sorry.

I should remind readers that identifying people by the color of their skin and then criticizing them in explicitly "general" terms is not racism.

He was, however, just getting started.

You can picture him, sitting at his keyboard, a microfiber cloth nearby to keep the screen clear of spittle.

"Whiteness is an ugly thing" is NOT racist so stop thinking that already.

And this, right here, this is where it became performance art.

He goes on like this for a while, saying, "&%*# off white people" isn't hate speech, "white people literally wiped out entire continents," "I'm so tired of living in a racist world," and so on.

A side note before we move on. Are the descendants of Spain and Portugal part of the this white genocidal enslavement of entire continents thing? Because while I'm not an historian, I do seem to recall they did a little enslaving and genociding too.

Or are they considered "people of color" depending on their usefulness in a given narrative? Like Asians who became "white adjacent" as soon as they started filling up too many slots in charter schools.

Someone pointed out there were other empires that had gone on murderous rampages. They hate when you do this as it suggests that the target of their racist ire has less to do with race and more to do with the human condition. This was his response.

The only difference between the Ottoman empire (and various previous empires) is that western European nations were just better at empiring? Is that his argument?

Europe also seeded the world with notions of liberty, the rule of law, the concept of free markets, but there's no reason to let that spoil a good cathartic rage.

As the criticism mounted, he eventually got to the obligatory "I'm enjoying this, keep it up" section of our program.

Not just a little happy, "extremely happy!"

The multiple emojis are the real tell. The more there are, the more desperate someone is to convince himself to believe what he is typing.


Why is he like this you ask? You aren't the only one!

White people, is there no limit to our super powers?

This began some time after 9 AM Eastern time and about 12 hours later, it was all over.

Except for one thing. While he has his Twitter account protected at the moment, he wrote a piece explaining it all titled,

"Does White America Understand What Racism Really Is?"

I hope to tackle that in the next day or so, but I think I'll need a few shots of whiskey first.

Purely to protect myself from Covid, you understand.


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