If a man can identify as a woman, can a white person identify as black? Watch as trans activists try hilariously to figure this one out
· · Aug 2, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Many of you will remember well the saga of Rachel Dolezal, the extremely white woman who in 2015 was revealed to have been posing as a black woman for quite some time.

The disgraced activist was trending on Twitter last week for some reason, and writer Shannon Fisher took the opportunity to lodge a timeless, perennial, always-relevant question:

That's a great question!

In a nutshell, the issue is: If someone born male can claim to be a woman and be treated as a woman for all intents and purposes, why can't someone born white claim to be black and also be treated thusly?

The answer, of course, is obvious: Both individuals are wrong, the whole thing is a sham, and we need to stop treating fantasy as reality.

But transgender activists were having none of it. And the lengths to which they'll go to justify their ideology are... well, you have to see it to believe it:

Ahh, so essentially the argument is, "Trans-racial people are not trans-racial because they're not actually trans-racial. Transgender people are transgender because they're actually transgender."

That's an example of what we call "begging the question" and it's an embarrassing logical fallacy – especially when we are talking about concrete genetic facts that are encoded into our DNA.

"Transgender people have always existed biologically" is both a weird tautology and a non sequitur, as is "racism is a social construct." It's rare to witness someone so thoroughly not answer a question.

Wait, wait, wait: If we're to believe this argument, a man's putting on a skirt and traipsing around in the women's locker room somehow doesn't constitute "co-opting the appearance" of being a woman?

That is truly a jaw-dropper. I don't even have a joke to make about that.

Obviously, a white woman who identifies as "trans-racial" could, by those same standards, easily describe herself as black.

And who could question her?

After all, if you can suspend the chromosomal evidence of "XY" stamped on every one of a man's cells in his body and magically declare him a woman, then why can't a person with a wide array of different genetic markers claim to associate with a particular set of markers that code for skin color, eye shape, hair follicle type, etc., and the social norms and customs that are associated with people of a certain ethnicity??

On a DNA level, Rachel Dolezal has exactly zero XY chromosomes in her body, but she most likely does carry many recessive genes that are associated with particular ethnic groups! In biological terms, she's more black than she is a man!

Transgender activists holding on to their ridiculous, obviously false ideology like:

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