If some storks bring babies, I’m pretty sure this one assists the Grim Reaper
· Apr 13, 2021 · NottheBee.com

I like birds, but not when they stalk my nightmares:

Since we shared a hilarious photo earlier today of a stork "baby delivery," I figured it'd be fun to also make mention of the Shoebill Stork, AKA the Grim Reaper's assistant.

Seriously, imagine having THIS be the last thing you ever see:

The massive Shoebill lives in Eastern Africa, where it eats a variety of small critters (aside from human souls) and lives a brutal, antisocial life:

"Almost to prove their antisocial nature, usually only one chick born to a pair will survive to adulthood. So ruthless is the Shoebill, that the largest chick in the hatch will commit fratricide without a moment's hesitation. The surviving chicks are practically ejected from the nest once they have learnt the very basics of survival from their mothers."

While I'm told the Shoebill isn't hostile to humans, this is a stork you probably don't want around your babies.

"A curved hook at the end of the Shoebill's beak acts as a spear that delivers a fatal blow every single time. With an average lifespan of 25 years, the Shoebill can be a terrorizing swamp figure."

If you ever find yourself in a Sub-Saharan swamp and see one of these Angels of Death ... run.

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