Wokies are now referring to looting and stealing as "material liberation." You think I'm kidding? I am not kidding.

Apr 13th

The blinkin tweet is still up.

They haven't deleted it because they believe that it's true. So do all the people who have retweeted and liked it.

This is a telling glimpse into how Marxists can justify anything they desire through language control.

It's not "looting," "stealing," or "robbing" ā€“ it's "material liberation." Which means, of course, it's not only not bad, it's righteous.

Down this path lies the justification of literally anything. People who believe stealing is a righteous act of liberation would also believe the same of murder.

As a matter of fact, we're already there:

Make no mistake ā€“ the goal of the Marxist wokies is no less than revolution and the end of America.

If that is not YOUR goal, and yet you are flirting with this movement ... WAKE UP!


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