If they'll do all of THIS just because some truckers parked in the middle of the street ... what do you think they'll do to you?
· Feb 19, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of Canada's late meltdown into "fasci-tastic" full-blown tyranny has been the relatively tepid response from the rest of the world. The Canadian government is moving to freeze the assets, drain the bank accounts, bankrupt the businesses, and ruin the lives of a group of peaceful protesters there, and nobody really seems to care all that much. Why is that?

I suspect many if not most people have assessed the situation and come to this ostensibly logical conclusion: "What's happening in Canada is moderately alarming, but it will never happen to me. I will never anger my government to the point that they would do anything like that. I am safe."

But this is nonsense. The Canadian government has rapidly progressed to a police state, giving itself unlimited, plenary power over essentially every one of the country's 38 million citizens, because...some truckers parked in the middle of the street. That's it. That's the threshold. That's the bar you have to clear. If at some point you might ever possibly do something more disruptive than parking in the middle of the street, congratulations: You are now a public enemy.

And make no mistake: What's happening in Canada is not an isolated implosion taking place in some sort of hermit autocracy. Canada is as mainstream a country as it gets. This is where most world governments stand after two years of power consolidation under COVID. In Australia they'll send you to a camp if they think you have COVID. Germany has systematically stripped unvaccinated individuals of the ability to move through most of public life; so has France. In December, South Korea said unvaccinated individuals must eat alone in restaurants. New Zealand lately has banned unvaccinated people from church and from restaurants.

These countries, and most others, have not launched a full-scale crackdown on COVID dissenters, but that's only because as of yet they haven't had to. Canada is really the one place on Earth that has seen a sustained, effective, highly visible COVID vaccine mandate. The Freedom Convoy has been a test balloon for protests against the new COVID order. And Canada's response cannot and should not be seen as anything other than the new standard.

So anyone who honestly believes himself to be safe from having his entire life vaporized by the government—because he's obedient, because he gets his booster shot whenever he's told, because he complies—think again. You are not safe. You must get used to it.

A bunch of truckers parked on an Ottawa street for a few weeks and the government arrested them and nationalized their bank accounts and moved to take everything from them. What do you think it will take to make them angry at you? And what do you think they'll do to you, when the time comes?


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