Try to make it through this gun-control song that aired on "The View" yesterday without having a spontaneous brain bleed
· Sep 21, 2023 ·

What religion is this?

All of us right now:

The artists, MILCK & Natasha Bedingfield, were on "The View" on Wednesday to talk about gun violence (and by association, remind everyone how bad guns are). MILCK is known for her pro-abortion and BLM activism. A lot of the suburban liberal women sipping their pumpkin-spice lattes were moved by the performance.

Okay, ladies, since I'd like to have a soul, I'll bite: We all want to address gun violence. We all want our kids and loved ones to be safe. But methinks when you say you don't want to be "political" but have lyrics like these, you are actually stumping for political power to be used:

They say the reasons are complex

Then they change the subject

As you live with the effects

We move on and we forget

So let's follow their thought experiment: If enough of us stand up to pretend a thousand years of weapon technology doesn't exist, and demand that said weapon technology no longer be available to the masses, then those evil white-man firesticks will, what, just magically vanish?

How are you going to get rid of them? Through a song? With sad feelings? Through a ballot?

No, you're going to use GUNS. Lots of them. With lots of violence. Cuz neither the criminals nor the good ol' boys are gonna give up their blasters unless someone else with blasters forces them.

If you want real solutions, it takes more than a song. I can tell you how to stop gun violence:

  1. Rebuild the moral fabric of society that we've destroyed by resubmitting ourselves to God Almighty!
  2. Train millions of people, young and old, to have excellent trigger discipline!

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