If you think you've seen a dog with moves, you haven't seen Bee the Shetland Sheepdog absolutely DEMOLISH the agility competition at Westminster
ยท Jun 21, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

This isn't the sort of skill you can get by bullying, bargaining, or Beggin Strippin'. This takes a whole lot of talent from the dog and a whole lot of work from the trainer.

And brother, if you do it right, it pays off:

I mean that's just pure knack right there. Take a look at some of these unbelievable moves:

A brief technical summary:

A Shetland sheepdog named Bee went bzz bzz bzz through the obstacle course, dodging weave poles, clearing hurdles, dashing through a tunnel and jumping right into handler Jennifer Crank's arms to win the 2022 Westminster Masters Agility Championship.

Bee, who was buzzing from her run with spirited barking, managed to complete the agility course in just 29.81 seconds at the 146th Westminster Kennel Club dog show. ...

The dog won the 16-inch class before becoming queen bee โ€” the overall agility champion.

Get that dog an extra rawhide cause she's earned it big time!

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