Watch as the U.S. Air Force takes the timeless, uncomplicated classic PB&J and turns it into the most depressing health food snack
· Jun 21, 2022 ·

Everyone is well aware of how woke the military has become, with many Americans worried that the U.S. is systematically setting out to destroy everything that makes our military an effective fighting force.

Well, forget about all that, because now they're really going for total ruination:

Two slices of Wonder Bread, a dollop of chunky Jif peanut butter, and globs of Smucker's grape jelly meld together to create one of the most delicious and iconic meals in American history: The PB&J.

However, the Air Force Medical Service challenged this timeless recipe, in an effort to encourage better nutrition, with a set of ingredients that would have any kid in the cafeteria wanting desperately to swap his sack lunch. In place of bread, they've substituted sweet potato toast.

It's exactly as weird as it sounds. Instead of tasty bread, you slice a sweet potato, broil it, and slather it with peanut-only peanut butter and throw some fresh fruit on top.

I just...

It really is as lame as it sounds:

You got it straight from the source, folks:

I only got one thing to say to that:

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