If you're still on the fence about masks, consider this fellow who's been using government data to savagely debunk mask myths every day for nearly 2 years straight
· Mar 8, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Perhaps no aspect of the pandemic has been as bitterly and relentlessly debated as the question of mask-wearing.

Nearly all health officials seemed to agree at the start of the pandemic that masking does little to protect against respiratory viruses. Somewhere around April 2020, they all seemed to decide roughly overnight that masking was in fact an indispensable tool in the fight against COVID. Make of that what you will.

One fellow, meanwhile—California-based writer Ian Miller—has spent every day for nearly two years using government data to savagely critique what he calls "the global failure of COVID mask mandates."

Does he succeed? You can judge that for yourself.

Consider a selection of his very recent tweets on the subject:

Miller is no newcomer to the mask debate. He was slamming mask mandates back in the dark days of summer 2020, well before it became the cool thing to do among the hipster set:

There's a lot of data to indicate that mask mandates have been complete policy failures. Not a whole lot of data to support the opposite contention!

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