Imagine if a white celebrity said this the other way around
ยท Sep 19, 2022 ยท

I could really care less who people want to date.

That said, it's my job to cover the stupidity of public figures and the whole circus that is the hypocrisy of woke Hollywood.

British actor John Boyega, known for his roles in Disney's new Star Wars movies and the upcoming The Woman King film, was interviewed by GQ and said he would only date black women.

He has rules about who he dates. "I only date Black," he says, "then it's about chemistry, personality, goals. Is there a synergy? Can I help you? Can you help me?" He also dates in a way that ensures his privacy. "I'm very disciplined in the type of women I speak to. They don't want you in their business."

Like I said, I really don't care who someone dates. If you're putting skin color above things like chemistry and personality, however, I might argue that you're technically, per the definition of the term, a little racist.

Our culture scoffs at that notion.

"He's black! He can't be racist!"

Yeah, mhmm, okay.

Try flipping that around. Imagine Chris Pratt saying this:

"I only date white, then it's about chemistry, personality, goals."

Like I said:

John Boyega addressed this double-standard head-on with this tweet:

Then explained that he's surprised that people are even talking about this:

"Cultural familiarity"

I totally get where Boyega is coming from. I don't think you should be so shallow as to pick a life partner based on generic external characteristics, but I also know that people are attracted to different people for lots of different reasons.

We tend to gravitate toward people who act, look, and speak like us, and have the same culture as us, which historically has meant division along ethnic lines. It's not racist or weird to admit that.

But the fact that the actor is confused over people's predictable reaction is hilarious.

See, it's totally fine, John, if you want to date whomever you want to date.

But for the last decade, the woke cultists have told us that any type of discrimination in finding a partner is wrong, but only if you're white (and occasionally for Asians).

If a white person were to make a statement like Boyega, it would mean the end of his career forever.

In fact, we're at the point where men are told that they are evil if they don't want to date other burly dudes who have cut off their man parts and bought women's clothes to look like women!

The fact that woke Hollywood doesn't see the double standard is one reason why it can't make a plot line or a joke to save its life these days.

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