Imagine 300 rioters stopped the funeral train for your daughter and ripped her coffin out of the hearse as a publicity stunt. Would you call the police?

May 14th

Our media is the enemy of the people, and not just the American people – a fact demonstrated by their coverage of the funeral for Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on Friday.

Look at that headline funded by your tax dollars.

Looks bad, huh?

Israeli police on Friday moved in on a crowd of mourners at the funeral of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, beating demonstrators with batons and causing pallbearers to briefly drop the casket.

Obviously these Israelis are Nazis, beating innocent mourners!

Thousands of mourners, some hoisting Palestinian flags and chanting "Palestine, Palestine," attended the funeral for Abu Akleh, who witnesses say was shot and killed by Israeli forces earlier this week while covering a military raid in the occupied West Bank.

"We die for Palestine to live," the crowd chanted. "Our beloved home." Later, they sang the Palestinian national anthem.

Ahead of the service, dozens of mourners tried to march with the casket on foot out of a hospital to a Catholic church in the nearby Old City.

Sounds like a mostly peaceful demonstration to honor a beloved woman. Why were the police there, anyway?

Police said the crowd at the hospital was chanting "nationalist incitement," ignored calls to stop and threw stones at police. "The policemen were forced to act," police said.

When I lived in Jordan, I took a trip to Israel. I stayed with Palestinians in Palestinian neighborhoods. I certainly saw prejudice against Palestinians – mostly from a Jewish American woman in Ohio who was quite mean to our driver during a shared taxi ride back to Jerusalem from the coast.

But what the media tells you is a lie, meant at every turn to foment anger and violence. They do it because they hate Israel, as do our leftist leaders:

What NPR and the Secretary of State are saying is a bold-faced lie. Yet they are the ones who want to control information through a Disinformation Governance Board!

Now that you've been told this poor woman was shot by evil Jewish Nazis and her mourners were beat at her funeral, let's look at the actual facts.

Well now, that's some important context, no?

There's also video:

Let MEGA-ULTRA-MAGA JEWISH NAZI Ben Shapiro summarize:

There is also no proof that Abu Akleh was killed by Israeli forces. Hamas routinely uses children as human shields, even scattering candy in the streets after firing rockets at Israeli homes in the hopes that an Israeli counterattack will make better headlines. If you do a little research on their tactics, you will lose your appetite for a week.

This is the exact reason Hamas sent crowds of protesters to disrupt the funeral. They exploit the Israeli's commitment to protecting life and upholding the law, putting them in a lose-lose situation they can use for sympathetic media coverage.

Hamas (technically the Palestinian Authority, but they are one in the same) is refusing to turn over the bullet that killed Abu Akleh for analysis, because of course!

The situation in Israel is vastly complex - something that hasn't changed since the time Abraham moved there thousands of years ago.

The media and the lefties (but I repeat myself) are lying to you in an effort to bolster Islamic terrorists.

Please take a moment to ask yourself why.

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