Important: Joe Biden ripped a fart during a speech today

Sep 3rd, 2020 11:23 pm

In an instantly iconic video clip, Joe Biden ripped one during a speech today.

I understand that you are skeptical of my claim, but the evidence is insurmountable that Ol' Joe bottom-burped as he talked about social justice in a Lutheran church this afternoon.

We shall lay aside the substance of his words for now in light of the breaking (😆) news at hand.

Behold the video clip, which is slowed down and enhanced at the end:

The undeniable evidence:

  1. He bent over right before the trumpet blew.
  2. Nobody else is close enough to the mic to register a poot on the audio recording.
  3. It was Joe.

Here is the source video if you doubt me (crank it up at 0:14):

Oh no, Joe!


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