Obama Says We Need More "Regulations and Standards" on the Practice of Free Speech on Social Media 🤡
· Nov 20, 2020 · NottheBee.com

Oh, look. It's just the former President of the United States of America slandering half the country as conspiracy theorists and saying that we need local and national, as well as political and cultural work, to make sure that everyone is agreeing on the same facts.

And how do we decide on the facts? Well, according to former President Obama, it's going to require government regulations and standards to choose what's true and what isn't. The state will need to decide what's acceptable speech.

"It's going to require a combination of regulation and standards within industries to get us back to the point where we at least recognize a common set of facts."

Obama in this statement is outright endorsing government control of "certain industries", in this case referring to social media, to tamp down on "conspiracy theories" and "truth decay."

This sounds a lot like the point that radical left-wing senator and "honorary squad member" Ed Markey made last month in the big-tech Senate hearings. In those hearings, which were brought about because of Big Tech censorship of the New York Post's Hunter Biden laptop story, Markey contended that the problem isn't that Big Tech was censoring conservatives, it was that they aren't doing enough to silence conservative voices.

Markey said, "Anti-conservative bias is not a problem. The issue is not that the companies before us today are taking too many posts down, the issue is that they're leaving too many dangerous posts up."

Yeah! There isn't enough censorship!

Only stories approved by Ed Markey should be allowed to be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

As ridiculous as this is, it's the same argument Obama is making in this interview. More conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News need to be censored and their "dangerous rhetoric" taken down.

Obama starts his argument by bringing up Fox News, as well as Rush Limbaugh and talk radio in general, basically saying that they were the original "conspiracy theorists", but now with social media those voices and other right-wing wackos now have too much freedom to challenge the party message.

Yes, it's only conservatives who engage in conspiracy theories. We have to keep an eye out for those dangerous people on the right spreading misinformation. The legacy media would never engage in spreading unsubstantiated rumors as hard facts in order to undermine their political opponent.

Nope. Can't even picture it happening.

Oh. Wait. There's the 3+ years of the mainstream media pushing a Russian collusion hoax with a unified voice and no evidence.

But yeah, Obama is probably right. The American people need their voices regulated by a government and Big Tech partnership deciding which "facts" are true and what shouldn't be allowed.



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