In bid to continue winning hearts and minds, BLM activists storm and trash restaurant while people are eating dinner

Sep 5th

Everyone knows that the best way to win people to your cause is to ruin their date night.

With this universal truth in mind, a crowd of 1,000 BLM activists in Rochester, N.Y. decided they would vandalize and forcibly shut down a local restaurant to make their voices heard.

Video [language warning]:

In the video, the brave and intelligent mob arrived to harass people who were quietly enjoying their evening – perhaps the most noble and righteous of all causes.

"We're shutting your party down," one activist yells in a mostly peaceful display. When diners realize what is happening and begin to scramble for their lives, however, the protesters seem visibly confused.

"No need to run!" another protester yells as a woman runs from the mayhem descending upon her. "Nobody is hurting you. Nobody's going to touch you! We're shutting the party down."

As the woman scrambles to safety, the protester yells at her to "calm down."

To show their goodwill, the crowd then begins to chant "If you don't give us our sh—, we shut sh— down" as they continue to yell in diners' faces and throw their plates off their tables.

The mob finished their evening with a bit of rioting, including more property damage, setting a bus stop on fire, and fighting with police.

Keep up the good (and mostly peaceful) work, you valiant souls! I've put together a list of other events besides date night that you could ruin in order to show people your vision for a peaceful, thriving future:

  1. Weddings
  2. Funerals
  3. Little kids' birthday parties
  4. Adoption fairs at the local animal shelter
  5. Family picnics
  6. Anniversary parties
  7. Anywhere laughter and fun are heard

You're welcome!


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