In honor of Thanksgiving, come check out the greatest hits of firemen exploding deep-fried turkeys 💥🦃
· · Nov 22, 2022 ·

Ahh, Thanksgiving. It's a time of togetherness, of family, of friends, of reflection, of gratitude, and of good food.

It's also a time for the nation's firemen to roll out their turkey fryers and show us just how insanely, meltingly, singe-your-eyebrows-off dangerous it can be to drop your turkey in a gigantic vat of 350º peanut oil.

In honor of that grand tradition, here's a rundown of the greatest hits from the firemen's turkey-frying vault.

Roll the tape, Spud!

☝️ You got to love the firemen behind that safety barrier dressed up in nuclear-grade hazmat suits. This is a big deal.

☝️I love that they set a mannequin out there of some bro holding a cold brewski. They really went for authenticity.

☝️As with all great cooks, this mannequin is lowering the turkey into the mind-numbingly hot oil with his nether regions resting directly against the bucket.

☝️The backdrop here legit looks like a post-apocalyptic landscape. It fits with the massive plume of turkey-borne hellfire spewing up from the fryer.

☝️This grease fire was so powerful that it appears to have literally generated a nuclear-style mushroom cloud.

However you spend your Turkey Day, do it safely and pleasantly! Happy Thanksgiving!


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