In other news, Andrew Cuomo is still incompetent: Perfectly good vaccines being tossed in trash.
· Jan 11, 2021 ·

Andrew Cuomo may be an Emmy award-winning TV personality and a best-selling author, but how is he at his day job?


As we all know, there is no more competent mechanism for distribution than centralized governmental authority.

All you have to do is compare, say, the United States Postal Service with Amazon Prime delivery.

Okay, bad example.

But you have to understand, Cuomo was facing a dilemma.

Given the limits in supply, he could either get the vaccine to as many people as possible, or he could, as an alternative, not do that.

In fairness, Cuomo is fully committed to seeing the widespread distribution of the vaccine. That is why at the end of last year, he signed executive orders increasing the fines for not precisely following his diktats.

Gov. Cuomo says any provider that intentionally administers a vaccine to a person who is not eligible could face a $1 million penalty and the revocation of all state licenses.

And, of course, if you really want to turbocharge the whole process, you add paperwork!

The executive order also states the eligibility of recipients will have to be certified as part of the vaccine process.

You know what's a big motivator? The shear terror of being financially and professionally ruined if you don't dot every "i" and cross every "t."

Who wouldn't risk everything on the possibility that you forgot to put the new cover sheet on the TPS report?

You've got doses of the vaccine that will expire within hours but the only people willing or available to take them aren't properly certified?

You know where Andrew Cuomo stands. He stands with the trash collectors.

Some less enlightened people who do not appreciate the life-or-death ramifications of checking the right boxes and filing things in triplicate suggested that maybe the vaccine would be more more effective in someone's arm vs. someone's dumpster.

In other news, Cuomo hates old people just a little less this week.

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