Investigative report exposes NGOs that have made BILLIONS on the border crisis since Biden took office
· May 13, 2024 ·

Ladies and gentlemen, there is some SERIOUS money to be made in Biden's human trafficking pipeline!

I came across this paragraph of a story from The Free Press while doom-scrolling and felt a little more doom creep up on me.

We've covered some of the NGOs and nonprofits that are working hand in glove with the government to perpetuate the border crisis in the past. But it's astonishing how many of YOUR tax dollars are going to these groups.

"But it's a big job," you say. "These people are doing good work and NEED our tax dollars!"

Ok, no one reading Not the Bee actually thinks that, but if you do, let me disabuse you of that notion.

UPDATE: Since people are wondering on the authoritative voices behind this story, let me introduce you to Maddie Rowley, who wrote this article for The Free Press, founded by former New York Times journalist Bari Weiss. Rowley is a Logos Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, where Chris Rufo is a senior fellow and director.

Rowley spent 4 months compiling the research for this story.

Read the report for yourself and see if it's up to par with the mainstream media outlets that routinely publish stories with little besides the claims of one or two "experts":

Some of the services NGOs provide are eyebrow-raising. For example, Endeavors uses taxpayer funds to offer migrant children 'pet therapy,' 'horticulture therapy,' and music therapy. In 2021 alone, Endeavors paid Christy Merrell, a music therapist, $533,000. An internal Endeavors PowerPoint obtained by America First Legal, an outfit founded by former Trump aide Stephen Miller, showed that the nonprofit conducted 1,656 'people-plant interactions' and 287 pet therapy sessions between April 2021 and March 2023.

Over half a million for a "music therapist" and who knows how much money for letting illegal immigrants hang out with puppies and plants.

Now check out the ginormous raises for the CEOs of these groups.

Endeavors' 2022 federal disclosure form also shows that it paid $5 million to a company to provide fill-in doctors and nurses, $4.6 million for 'consulting services,' $1.4 million to attend conferences, and $700,000 on lobbyists. In 2021, the NGO shelled out $8 million to hotel management company Esperanto Developments to house migrants in their hotels. Endeavors, which gets 99.6 percent of its revenue from the government according to federal disclosure forms, declined to comment to The Free Press.

You know how much we'd have to spend on doctors, nurses, and hotel rooms for illegal immigrants if we built a wall and turned people away?

The Administration for Children and Families, a division of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, funds the nonprofits through its Office of Refugee Resettlement, and its budget has swelled over the years — from $1.8 billion in 2018 to $6.3 billion in 2023. The ORR is expected to spend at least $7.3 billion this year — almost all of which will be funneled to NGOs and other contractors.

Again, your tax dollars at work!

These NGOs have been around for a long time, but under the Biden admin, they've simply grown into infinite money holes.

Consider Global Refuge, based in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2018, according to its federal disclosure form, the Baltimore-based nonprofit had $50 million in revenue. By 2022, its revenue totaled $207 million — $180 million of which came from the government. That year, $82 million was spent on housing unaccompanied children.

Biden is encouraging more border crossers; this means more border spending and more money into the pockets of those working at the NGOs.

While some NGOs have long had operations at the border, 'what is new under Biden is the amount of taxpayer money being awarded, the lack of accountability for performance, and the lack of interest in solving the problem,' said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that researches the effect of government immigration policies and describes its bias as "low-immigration, pro-immigrant.

They don't want to fix the problem.

If they fix the border crisis then they lose their funds.

It's that simple.

Vignarajah, a former policy director for Michelle Obama when she was first lady, took the top job at Global Refuge in February 2019 ... she has since become one of the most prominent advocates for migrants crossing the southern border, appearing frequently on MSNBC and other media as an immigration advocate. Her incoming salary was $244,000, but just three years later, her compensation more than doubled to $520,000.

Huh. I wonder why she wants the crisis to continue?

There are perverse incentives everywhere, as well as a complete lack of oversight.

These NGOs are just allowed to go hog wild!

Despite a number of scandals in the recent past, including misuse of federal funds and several instances of employees sexually abusing some of the children in its care, Southwest Key continues to operate — and rake in big government checks. In 2020, the year of Covid-19, its government grant was $391 million; by 2022, its contract was nearly $790 million.

This report only covers three of the NGOs. There are plenty more.

Southwest Key also has six other executives making six figures a year. And you are paying most of their salary out of your paycheck each month.

Next time you file taxes, think of all the wealthy CEOs of corrupt nonprofits that you're subsidizing (in addition to all of the government salaries you're paying).

Endeavors' payroll went from $20 million in 2018 to a whopping $150 million in 2022, with seven other executives earning more than $300,000.

Here's the real stomach churner:

The entire government program that funds these NGOs, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), puts the needs of the trafficking pipeline ahead of any attempts to keep migrants safe.

Governor DeSantis exposed this fact in an investigation from the state of Florida.

In 2022, Florida governor Ron DeSantis empaneled a grand jury to conduct an investigation, which showed how the ORR continually loosened its safety protocols so children could be connected to sponsors more quickly — and with less due diligence. The same report revealed that because there's often no documentation to prove a migrant's age at the time Border Patrol processes them, 105 adults were discovered posing as unaccompanied children in 2021. One of them, a 24-year-old Honduran male who said he was 17, was charged with murdering his sponsor in Jacksonville, Florida.

'We used to have DNA testing to make sure we had these family units,' Chris Clem, a recently retired Border Patrol officer, told The Free Press. But since the border crisis, the ORR has abandoned DNA testing, according to congressional testimony by the General Accountability Office. In 2021, ORR revised its rules so that public records checks for other adults living in a prospective sponsor's home were no longer mandatory.

To sum up:

  • Government agencies are refusing to do their jobs properly
  • Some of the work is farmed out to NGOs that rake in money while promoting "person-plant interactions" and other nonsense
  • The rampant child abuse is covered up or ignored
  • Executives at these NGOs continue to grow richer off of your tax payments

Make sure to bring this up to the next person who says our open border is "compassionate"!

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